Modeling with SketchUp for Interior Design, Printed

Modeling with SketchUp for Interior Design, Printed
This textbook contains step-by-step projects that show how to create stunning interior spaces in SketchUp. Starting with modeling an empty room, you'll learn how to find and modify furniture models, model furniture and accessories from scratch, work with colors and materials, present comparative design options, model cabinetry and kitchens, and create labeled and dimensioned working drawings.

To see the scope of projects in the book, see the Contents PDF.
  • Available for different versions of SketchUp
  • PC or Mac, Make (Free) or Pro versions
  • Printed in full color, 380 pages
  • Also available as PDF
For use as a textbook, there are 40 "Model It Yourself" projects that reinforce concepts, and each chapter has a set of review questions. Instructor material, including completed models, will be provided for class sets.

Instructors are invited to view an evaluation PDF of this book. Email us to request a copy, and please state where and what you teach.

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