Feedback and success stories from the 3DVinci community


“Ms. Roskes’ writing style makes it very easy to learn how to use the software. I have purchased Ms. Roskes’ books on Google SketchUp and Piranesi. The books are easy to read, very illustrative, and help new users get started almost immediately.”

-- Antonio Munoz-Mingarro, professional architect

Graphic Design

“3DVinci’s books on Google SketchUp are incredibly easy to follow. I use SketchUp for laying out 3D environments for web and print work. Ms. Roskes’ books helped me learn to use the software, and I use the books regularly.”

-- Kolby Kirk, graphic designer

University Design Program

“Our computer-aided design class in Residential Interiors is structured around 3DVinci’s SketchUp Instructor Guide and Student Coursebook. The students follow along with the lessons as I perform them on screen at the front of the lab, so the book is mandatory for every class. The end-of-lesson projects are particular useful.”

-- Milan Krepelka, professional exhibit designer and instructor of Industrial Design, University of Alberta


"Over the last few years, Google has seen the use of SketchUp increase tremendously in the K-12 area. On all grade levels, and in many subject areas, educators have been looking for materials they can use to both teach how to use SketchUp, and to give kids an idea of what they can create. 3DVinci’s books are exactly what educators have been asking for - they get kids excited to use SketchUp and guide them through hundreds of projects they can complete on their own. We strongly recommend them!"

-- Allyson McDuffie, SketchUp for Education Program Manager, Google, Inc.

High School Math

"3DVinci’s GeomeTricks books make the teaching and learning of geometry exciting and fun. SketchUp and GeomeTricks enrich our courses by enabling students to use the geometry that they have learned in new and interesting ways, such as creating tessellations and building polyhedra. The GeomeTricks books are easy to read and make fun and exciting geometric exercises accessible to anyone who has a computer. These books can also be used as a source of activities for math clubs. Anyone who teaches geometry will find these full-color books very useful. I highly encourage others schools to use SketchUp and the GeomeTricks books to add another dimension to their geometry courses.”

-- Jon Choate, geometry teacher at Groton School, a five-year college preparatory school in Massachusetts

High School Design and Modeling

"ModelMetricks books are very easy to understand, with step-by-step instructions that appeal to all learners along Gardner's Multiple Intelligence(s) scale. We are using SketchUp and ModelMetricks as enrichment to our computer science curriculum, to encourage student creativity and to help students develop skills in 3D design and modeling. I highly encourage all schools to use these full-color books, as they bring the material alive for the aspiring SketchUp wizard."

-- Chris Mooney, computer teacher at Lamoille Union High School

PC World

“3DVinci’s books are exactly what I was looking for – with step by step instructions and lots of clear illustrations. Children who construct the 3D drawings in these books will gain stronger and stronger skill… Bonnie Roskes' creativity flows so strongly that she even wrote an entire book on how to use Google SketchUp for creating jigsaw puzzles and various kinds of word puzzles, including a spinning word puzzle. The software programmers who created SketchUp could never have imagined this unanticipated use for their software, but Roskes did.”

-- Phil Shapiro, PC World book review


"Earlier in this school year when we decided to homeschool Matteo I decided to incorporate Sketchup into our curriculum. Each Friday we have a SketchUp session and our son loves every minute of it ... Fortunately there are also excellent books by Bonnie Roskes that can teach your child to love using Sketchup by drawing fantastic objects."

-- Martin Bassani, homeschooling parent

Martin is a homeschooling dad who blogs about his experiences. Read his blog entry on the ModelMetricks books. Martin has also posted his son's completed ModelMetricks models, with his own creative spin.


“The SketchUp books by Bonnie Roskes are fantastic. The concise instructions, the diagrams, the pace, and the relevant examples make learning Google SketchUp fast and easy.”

-- Boris Bosnjak, woodworker and software engineer