About 3DVinci

My name is Bonnie Roskes, and I am the creator of 3DVinci. I am a professional structural engineer, but my real interest lies in showing people how to use great modeling applications.

3DVinci started life as F1 Books, offering professional-level books on Google SketchUp, Piranesi, OneCNC, and other applications. I started writing tutorials for SketchUp back in 2002, when hardly anyone had even heard of SketchUp (or Bonnie Roskes for that matter). I've continued producing the pro books, have now added projects for kids, too. In addition, I've authored the intermediate-advanced level Google SketchUp Cookbook, published by O'Reilly Media.

I live in Washington, DC with my husband and kids.When I noticed our older kids growing interested in what their mom was designing on the computer, it became clear that SketchUp and kids form a natural partnership. So I started doing demos of SketchUp in local schools, and saw first-hand how kids simply loved using it. The teachers were impressed by SketchUp as well, and many asked if any teaching materials were available. And that's how the ModelMetricks and GeomeTricks series were born.

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We welcome all comments about our books and projects, and anything you see on our site.

If you or your kids have had success using SketchUp, please feel free to send us a story or two about your experiences. With your permission, we might choose to quote from your story on our Testimonials page, or feature your design projects as a Case Study.

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