ModelMetricks Series: Chapter Details

This page describes the contents of each ModelMetricks book in detail, including pictures of models created in each chapter.

Basics Book 1

Intermediate Book 1

Advanced Book 1

Basics Book 2

Intermediate Book 2

Advanced Book 2

Basics Book 3

Intermediate Book 3

Advanced Book 3

Basics Book 4

Intermediate Book 4

Advanced Book 4


For a PDF showing sample pages from the ModelMetricks books, see the ModelMetricks Sampler


ModelMetricks Basics Series

Book 1

Home, Sweet Home

Making Easy Houses in Google SketchUp


Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter will explain how to install Google SketchUp, and how to set up your mouse so that all the correct buttons are used.



Chapter 2: Box with Windows

This chapter starts off with the Line tool and explains the red, green, and blue direction axes. Then youll learn about the Rectangle, Circle, Eraser, and Push/Pull tools. Also, youll see how to cut holes for windows.


Chapter 3: Add a Roof

This chapter explains four easy ways to make a roof, including an introduction to the Move tool. Making the chimney helps you practice using inferences. Also the Arc tool is introduced.


Chapter 4: Coloring

In this fun chapter, you make a house with windows, then paint everything using textures and colors. Youll see how to change the size and color of a texture (like bricks) and how to make colors see-through.



ModelMetricks Basics Series 

Book 2

Strange Buildings

Buildings Nobody Would Even Really Build, Modeled in Google Sketchup


Chapter 1: Factory

In the first chapter, you'll make this strange-looking factory, using just these basic tools: Rectangle, Circle, Line, and Push/Pull. And of course, you get to paint everything however you want.



Chapter 2: Curvy House

In this chapter, you'll learn how to make windows and doors with curvy shapes. You'll also make a big curvy section on the other side of the house, and see cool ways that you can change the curves, to make some really unusual shapes.


Chapter 3: Tower with Windows

In this chapter, you'll make a tall tower that has different windows on every wall. You'll learn several ways to make copies with the Move tool, and rotated copies with the Rotate tool. You'll also learn different ways to display your designs.




ModelMetricks Basics Series 

Book 3

Kids as Architects

Buildings Kids Wish Really Would be Built, Modeled in Google Sketchup


Chapter 1: Rainbow Building

In the first chapter, you'll make an arch-shaped building with rainbow-colored sections. The windows are made by copying and rotate-copying. The back of the building has arched windows.



Chapter 2: Round Tower

In this chapter, you'll make a round tower with spiral-step boxes all around it. You'll draw just one window, and copy this window to all the other walls.



Chapter 3: Star Buildings

In this chapter, you'll start with a simple star and make three buildings from it. Offset and Scale are the two important tools here.


Chapter 4: Hand-Shaped Building

In this chapter, we'll take all the tools we've used so far, and make this building. You'll make the main shape in 2D, then make it 3D and add the windows. 






ModelMetricks Basics Series

Book 4

Go to Your Room!

Making a Comfy Bedroom, Complete with Furniture, in Google Sketchup


Chapter 1: Wall and Windows

In the first chapter, you'll make the room (actually just a floor with 2 walls). This chapter introduces Components which you use for the windows. With components, you change one and the other ones change, too.



Chapter 2: Make the Room a Group

This chapter introduces groups, which are used to keep things "separate."




Chapter 3: Dresser

The first piece of furniture you'll make is this dresser. You'll use both groups and components when making this.


Chapter 4: Bookcase

In this chapter, you'll use a bookcase that SketchUp provides you. But you'll change the bookcase to have different colors.



Chapter 5: Clock

In this chapter, you'll make your own clock in a separate SketchUp file, then bring it into your bedroom.




Chapter 6: Bed and Computer

In this chapter, you'll learn how to download a loft bed and a computer from Google's 3D Warehouse.



Chapter 7: More Components

In the last chapter, you'll see how to get more components from the Google 3D Warehouse.






ModelMetricks Intermediate Series 

Book 1

Write Now!

Using Google Sketchup to Write All Sorts of Things


Chapter 1: Flat Text

Don't let the name of this chapter fool you - there's nothing flat about these letters. With the 3D Text tool, you'll start with flat letters but you'll learn different ways to make them 3D.





Chapter 2: 3D Text

In this chapter, you'll use the 3D Text tool to make letters that start out as 3D. You'll see various ways to color them, change their size, and even make them rainbow striped. You'll use a lot of groups and components in this chapter.






Chapter 3: Tricky Text Projects

This chapter has two advanced projects: using text to engrave, and making text along the curved face of a football.





ModelMetricks Intermediate Series 

Book 2

Painting with Pictures

Using Digital Pictures to Paint Flat Things in Google Sketchup


Chapter 1: Walls and Floor

In the first chapter, you'll learn how to "position" textures to make them the exact size you want, and to place them exactly where you want.




Chapter 2: Wallpaper

In this chapter, you'll learn how to find your own textures on the Internet (or just use the ones provided on our website). Once you have these pictures, you'll learn how to paint on walls when them. 



Chapter 3: Rugs

To make two rugs for the floor, you'll use more downloaded pictures.  You'll see how to work with different kids of imported pictures, and how to switch one picture for another.


Chapter 4: Posters

In this chapter, you'll find pictures to use as posters for the wall. You'll also learn how to make matching pictures frames.


Chapter 5: Penguins

(OK, I know this is a strange name for a chapter.) You'll learn how to start with a picture of a penguin (or whatever creature or human you want) and make it into a "Face Me" component.  


Chapter 6: Windows

In this chapter, you'll learn how to take a picture of a fancy, stained glass window and make a "real" window out of it, complete with see-through glass.


Chapter 7: Trash Cans

You might think a round trash can doesn't belong in a book about painting flat things, but you'd be wrong! The method you use to paint a trash can is similar to what you already learned for flat things, but you need to add a few extra steps.




ModelMetricks Intermediate Series 

Book 3


Amaze and Amuse Your Friends with Puzzles Created in  Google Sketchup


Chapter 1: Keyboard Shortcuts

In the first chapter, you'll learn how to set up shortcut keys for tools you'll use repeatedly throughout this book.


Chapter 2: 3D Warehouse

All of the puzzles in this book are sitting in Google's 3D Warehouse, waiting for you to download them. This chapter explains how to do that.


Chapter 3: Shapes Puzzle

In this chapter you'll make puzzles that have pieces of different shapes.


Chapter 4: Picture Puzzles

In this chapter, you'll download pictures and use them to make several types of puzzles.


Chapter 5: Word Puzzles

In this chapter, you'll learn how to write secret messages by making a puzzle out of text.


Chapter 6: Spinning Word Puzzles

The last chapter teaches how to make another kind of "secret message" puzzle - the kind where have to spin the pieces so they line up.


ModelMetricks Intermediate Series 

Book 4

Where in the World?

Finding SketchUp Models in the 3D Warehouse, Placing SketchUp Models in Google Earth  


Chapter 1: Furnishing a Bedroom

In the first chapter, you'll start with an empty bedroom. All of the furniture will come from models already placed in the 3D Warehouse, and you'll learn how to find and (when necessary) fix these models. You'll also learn how to place your own models into the Warehouse.


Chapter 2: Giant Flies

In this chapter, you'll learn about "geolocated" models - models that have a specific location on earth. In this case, the model is a giant fly, located on the National Mall in Washington, DC. You'll learn how to view SketchUp models in Google Earth, and how to make changes to the model both in SketchUp and Google Earth.


Chapter 3: Biodomes

In this chapter, you'll start with a model of a biodome, and see how to place it in variuos locations in Google Earth. When you have several biodomes around the world, you'll learn how to save them as a Google Earth tour. You'll also learn how to create your own model collections in the 3D Warehouse.



ModelMetricks Advanced Series 

Book 1

Using Pictures in 3D

Painting 3D Models with 2D Pictures, in Google Sketchup


Chapter 1: Striped Box

In the first chapter, you'll download a picture of a striped box, and use the picture to paint a SketchUp model of the box.


Chapter 2: School Bus

In this chapter, you'll download a picture of a bus, then build a SketchUp model directly from the picture.



Chapter 3: Clubhouse

In this chapter you'll download a picture of a clubhouse, and learn two different ways to build models from the picture. One of these methods is "Photo Match." You'll also get to use pictures with transparent backgrounds.


Chapter 4: Farm

This chapter puts it all together. You'll make a barn from a picture, and make animals, people, and a fence, all from background-transparent pictures.  





ModelMetricks Advanced Series

Book 2

Art Gallery

Making Paintings and Sculptures in Google Sketchup


Chapter 1: Paintings in Frames

In the first chapter, you'll download some famous (and some not) paintings, and place them in fancy frames. The important tool that's introduced here is Follow Me.


Chapter 2: Bowls

In this chapter, you'll use the Follow Me tool to create neat-looking, round bowls. You'll also use Intersect with Model when decorating some of the bowls.


Chapter 3: Gallery

This chapter puts it all together. You'll create the gallery itself, which has a complicated-looking roof and an unusual window. On the inside of the gallery, you'll place all the paintings and bowls you made in Chapters 1 and 2.






ModelMetricks Advanced Series

Book 3

Crazy Shapes

Making Intricate-Looking Models out of Simple Objects, in Google Sketchup


Chapter 1: Round Things Around

In the first chapter, you'll use the Follow Me tool to make round objects.



Chapter 2: Square Things Around

This chapter explores what you can do when you combine components and the Intersect with Model tool.


Chapter 3: Patterns on Spheres

This chapter continues with the fun you can have with Intersect with Model, this time combined with groups.


Chapter 4: Stacked Building Blocks

This chapter has more fun with components and Intersect with Model. You'll build a set of stacking blocks, and learn how to make new components from existing ones.




ModelMetricks Advanced Series

Book 4

Optical Illusions

Trick Your Eyes and Play with Color in Google Sketchup


Chapter 1: 3D Warehouse

All of the illusion models in this book are sitting in Google's 3D Warehouse, waiting for you to download them. This chapter explains how to do that.


Chapter 2: Tricking Your Eyes

Using simple drawing tools, you'll create straight lines that look wavy, and you'll see things that aren't really there. Plus, you'll learn how to use layers to hide objects from the display.


Chapter 3: Color

If you like playing with color, you'll love this chapter. You'll explore how colors interact with each other,  and sometimes your eyes will disagree with your brain. You'll learn a lot about how SketchUp creates and changes color, and you'll also learn how to create very cool animations.


Chapter 4: Is It Moving?

This chapter will make you dizzy! You'll make objects that look like they're shaking, wobbling, turning, and spinning, when really nothing is moving.